D&D Journey of the Fifth edition: Chapter 26-Screaming about the Banshee!

February 24th, 2015

D&D Journey of the Fifth edition: Chapter 26-Sreaming about the Banshee!

Join us in our next part in the D&D 5th edition Starter set: Lost Mine of Phandelver (Beware Spoilers for those going to play it). Join our Adventure party Jocelynne (Lady Corlynn), Kellie (Tilda), Kerrie (Gaelen the Gallant) Gary (Thrain Gunderson) Xander (Salaton Leaton) and Jazz (Hogar). As our adventurers head to see the Banshee and then back to Thundertree!

'Your Auntie is so lovely'
'Don't be starting nothing!'
'Can we ask a new question'
'I Hope to entertain him!'
'I've heard a rumor about your belly scales!'

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