D&D Journey of the Fifth edition: Q&A: part one

August 27th, 2014

D&D Journey of the Fifth edition: Q&A: part one

We take an episode away from the adventure to thank you for listening to us and answering your questions sent in to us! Join Kellie, Kerrie, Jocelynne (Via email) and myself (Jim) as we roll our random question tables out of character and in. 

Come along as we give shameless plugs for  Tucson steampunk society, Conrad-con, Ragnarok and Roll-the podcast, Order of the stick, Acquisitions Inc, We're alive the podcast, Wormword, secret world chronicle, Tucson games and gadgets, the walking dead, and the Talking dead. With additional plugs for white wolf/storyteller system, deadlands, Edge of empire/star wars, Dresden files, Dnd, Gamma world, Palladium books, RinCon, and my favorite refrence Jim Darkmagic!

beware the 'Pun-ishment' and respawns


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