D&D Journey of the Fifth edition: Season 2 Chapter 32-With a Flurry of Blows!

May 10th, 2016

Join us in our next chapter of adventure in the D&D 5th edition Princes of the Apocalypse (Beware Spoilers for those going to play it). Join Kellie (Sister Solace), Kerrie (Tallyn), Brittnay (Stranger #1- the Pirate Barbarian Half Orc), Nicole (Stranger #2- Outlander Druid an a LOIN!!!), Jocelyn (Reona O'Tuck), Jaaz (Kriv) and myself as we stave off the Apocalypse!

*NSFW Episode!*


"Will a 22 hit you?"

"Yaaaaa Bring It!"


"Don' be blaming Pelor for this!"

"Wait What!"

"Poor Guy?"

"Who's our banker?"

"Your neutral but your not bad!"

"Just make a donation to the Church!"

"I Name mine... Sunlight!"

*Help us Name the Player Group? We're looking for some cool names and ideas like 'The Unlikely Fellowship' you all suggested last time! email us at Creativeplaypodcastnetworknet*

For Pictures of some of the things we talked about, check out the CPPN blog post tomorrow 'Podcasts at a Glance' I'll post them under DND journey of the fifth editions section HERE.

And thanks for joining us Jess!

Yes were going to gaslight gathering in October =D


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