D&D Journey of the fifth edition: Season 2 Chapter 50 ….No it’s Sleeping! Or where the Trolls call home

July 19th, 2017

Join Kellie (Sister Solace), Kerrie (Tallyn), Brittany (Stranger #1- the Pirate Barbarian Half Orc), Nicole ('Stag'- Outlander Druid), Jess (Hugh Mann) Jaaz (Kriv) and myself as we play through D&D Princes of the Apocalypse adventure module:

Abolish an Ancient Evil Threatening Devastation in this Adventure for the World s Greatest Roleplaying Game Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes

“Any second its going to buckle!”


“what are you going to do?” (I say this a lot I noticed)

“You’ll get um next time.”

“The Trolls have gone crazy!”

“Thank you Mark at Tucson Games and Gadgets!”

“I’m not that kind of dwarf!”

“There’s a glow coming from this room.”

“I might just stay back and let them come to me…”

“She’s very Perceptie!”

“I’m out of Ki, by the by…”

“I don’t think I need to hide!”

“We did it once!”

“I don’t believe I’m that sneaky…”

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The group said leave in our pregame chit chat after the end on the podcast.


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