The Lady Knights of Adventure: episode Ten - Are you prisoners too?

November 7th, 2016

Join us with our Second group hailing for Tucson Games and Gadgets Ladies Night! The Lady Knights of Adventures, join myself Kellie (Playing the Bard, Kaelyndris Songsmith), Jocelyn (Playing the dusky Warlock Myfanawy Duskwyld), Brittney (playing the Bunnykin, March), Nicole (the Howling Worgen, Gadrial Daygoraruru) and Golda (Playing the Cleric of Nike, Guandis 'Guan'). 

"Did you learn Modious's lesson too?"
"Have you seen the 'New Master'?"
".....some mysterious place, upon my person."
"Natural 20!"
"We should sort through their clothes."
"What is happening in my world!'
"Prison changes a bunny!"
"oh my god is fertility!"
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