The Lady Knights of Adventure: episode Eleven - The Genie who likes me!

December 21st, 2016

Join us with our Second group hailing for Tucson Games and Gadgets Ladies Night! The Lady Knights of Adventures, join myself Kellie (Playing the Bard, Kaelyndris Songsmith), Jocelyn (Playing the dusky Warlock Myfanawy Duskwyld), Brittney (playing the Bunnykin, March), Nicole (the Howling Worgen, Gadrial Daygoraruru) and Golda (Playing the Cleric of Nike, Guandis 'Guan'). 

The Ladies are back!


RinCon 2016 Game play: Savage Rifts ran by Sean Patrick Fannon

December 13th, 2016

At RinCon we had a blasting getting to play Savage Rifts with Sean Patrick Fannon himself! it was a great adventure and we had a blast trying out the new rules for an old favorite setting!

Part Two can be found HERE


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