Circus Chimera Episode two: From wolves in the pass, to wolves in the town

February 21st, 2018


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Join the vengeance seeking members of Circus Chimera! A real play D&D RPG podcast and social revolution

Our Cast: Violate(Evie) the half orc, Ray(Jocelyne)  the half elf bard, Melvin (Jaaz) the Gnome illusionist, Blain (Cody, currently two boxed by Jaaz) the half orc cleric of knowledge and Mam'selle Dangerous the dagger juggling Rogue.

Enjoy our silly Drunken Knights of adventure…

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“Oh poor Ray!”

“I’m going to live!”

“I won’t say no!”

“You get into town and the orc pulls your wagon”

“I will lead you in song!”

“Natural 20!!!”

“Does Blane see any purses on the guards?”

“Your going to cut the purse?”

“..and I can’t resist it”

“I am SO SORRY!”

“Oh Mighty Virial Gentlemen…”

“It overcame her maidenly sensibilities…”


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