D&D Journey of the Fifth edition: Season 2 Chapter 29 -We shall attempt to Ride out the Storm!

March 29th, 2016

Enjoy this double length episode!

We're back and flying into danger in the Apocalypse!

Join us in our next adventure in the D&D 5th edition Princes of the Apocalypse (Beware Spoilers for those going to play it). Join Jocelyne (Reona O'Tuck), Kellie (Sister Solace), Kerrie (Tallyn) and Jazz (Kriv) Have some adventure flying and in the spire!.

We have some awesome guests join us and we digress a bit in talking about gaming in general and

~Titter warning at the 22:45 second mark~

~lower your volume at 23:35!!!!~

~Sheik warning at 40:10 &49:20

















"Pink glitter dice!"

"Were about to get no carefull!"



"Well first off...."

"It will Cut!"


''Who's my god?"




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