Goblins of Conquest Episode Ten Of Booming Blades and Honor less attacks

June 6th, 2019

Our Evil Goblin group with our group of Ashley, Yvonne, Dan, Dave, Michael, and Jerome continue their quest for dominance and conquest deeper in the Sunless Citadel!

*Sorry for the rough audio on this and the next few episodes as were gaming at the new Tucson Games and Gadgets location in the Park Mall, it’s a huge space but with a ton of audio issues*


“…from an honor less Bugbear.”

“That drops me….”

“Honor only goes so far…”

“Hobgoblin on Hobgoblin steer down going on”

“I didn’t roll a one mine you!”

“What is wrong with you dice!”

“Jersey shore Hobgoblin”

“Awe, you have a fan boy!”

“…and I AM PLEASED!”

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