Goblins of Conquest Episode Six The Kobolds God

March 5th, 2019

We begin a new Campaign with an all Evil Goblin group with our group of Ashley, Yvonne, Dan, Dave, Michael, and Jerome.

Our Goblins of Conquest crew enter the Sunless Citadel! 


 “…Skull crusher!”

“He’s trusting his fat.”

“…But our blood sacrifice!”

“What does your spell do?”

“This Kobold EXPLODES!”

“I was just getting started!”

“It’s not called Dungeons and Beholders…”

“OK, let get to the defacing.”

“Both the Goblins, Natural 20!”

 “…the dreaded dragon Wynter”

“What season is it now?”

“A natural 20 and a two!”

“I’m used to us Goblins being expendable.”

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