RinCon 2016 Game play: Riptide Raid part two of three

October 12th, 2016

This was definitely one of the most enjoyable DND games I've had the pleasure to play in! there were so many tears of laughter! Sorry about the loud AC. We had  an amazing time last weekend at Rincon, southern Arizona's gaming convention!

Join Alderon the Wizard, the Rogue known only as 'Thief', the Cleric Tefany, Blaze the swashbuckler and Memdawin the Bard as we seek out the booty on the vessel Riptide!
Dave did  great job running this great game at RinCon 2016! It was a treat getting to be a player in his group and an awesome thing that they let us share the game!
Thanks again guys!

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