The Dark Vision Dames: Episode 12 You walked into the wrong glen

February 14th, 2018

Meet the Dark Vision Dames: The Heroes of Brisenbane! Join our newest group of Dungeons and Dragons players, as we collectively build our world and teach some new players the joy and fun of Role Playing Games. Join Kellie (The Dwarf Tempest Cleric Anvilsprark), Anaia (The mysterious Gnome Druid), Talia (The Roguish Bard o Bardish Rogue Zalaris...), and Andee (Glory the Gladiator). again If the ladies can make it back to town they just might level up!
The Ladies has been through some things but now for one member the pains of the past might just be returning...
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It was late, we were in really silly mood
“You just hear bones breaking when it hits”
“a burnt hand mark on its face.....”
 “and thats how we get Sue the dinosaur”
“Filthy Orcs”
At the 45 minute mark the ladies finish and level up and if you’d like to skip it after the closing were just leveling and discussing level three options.
It’s great the group are leveling up and we end up discussing starting a second Monday game! Yep these ladies are hooked on D&D!

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