The Dark Vision Dames: Episode 4 Into the Kobolds den

June 27th, 2017

Meet the Dark Vision Dames: The Heroes of Brisenbane!

Join our newest group of Dungeons and Dragons players, as we collectively build our world and teach some new players the joy and fun of Role Playing Games. Join Kellie (The Dwarf Tempest Cleric Anvilsprark), Anaia (The mysterious Gnome Druid), Talia (The Roguish Bard o Bardish Rogue...), and Andee (The…well just listen and see ;D) this session we missed dear Judi (The loved Noble elven Wizard). 

“They’ve gotten cooler then they used to be”

“…is there more?”

“As you all have darkvision…”

“You hear a slurping sound…”

“Did you natural twenty me?”

“I’m dead!”

“I will not fall now!”

“I’m not that kind of BARD!!!”

“As you look it makes eye contact with you!”

“Who’s Backpack…..?”

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