The Journey continues on!

September 16th, 2014

Welcome back the DnD Journey of the Fifth edition!

Things have been going great for both our Adventures and our podcast. I Just wanted to thank all our listeners out there! Since I can't name each of you instead I'm going to list all the places we have listeners from, hold on to you bag of holding it's a Huge one:
Thank you Arizona, Oregon, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina, Washington, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, New York, Tennessee, Utah, Ohio, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Maine, North Dakota, Vermont, Maryland, Georgia, Alaska, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, West Virginia, Virginia, Missouri,District of Columbia, Delaware & Hawaii
and our listeners from around the world:
United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Brazil, Germany & Ireland. 
It's amazing so many around the world have been listening to us on Podbean and iTunes!

We would love to here about what you guys like about our game! since Podbean doesn't really allow much in the way of interaction and feed back we made a website for all our podcasts, it's new and still under construction but in time you'll find a way to give us feedback and join in with discussions with us all and please shoot any suggestion you have to the sites contact us page:

Our site will have links on the left for all the most current podcasts and posts we've entered in regards to RPG's, Cosplay, Video and PC Games and anything that strikes our or your fancies. 

Also If your in the Tucson Arizona area well be attending RinCon, TusCon and Tucson Comicon This year and next year already planning on Tucson's Wild Wild West Con!