The Lady Knights of Adventure: episode Two Who’s the Master

May 17th, 2016

Lady Knights of Adventure seems to be our truely NSFW show!'

The Ladies have some Aqua-man talk *Warning:Game of Thrown season one and Dragon-lance spoilers*

Join us with our Second group hailing for tucson Games and Gadgets Ladies Night! The Lady Knights of Adventures, join myself Kellie (Playing the Bard, Kaelyndris Songsmith), Jocelyn (Playing the dusky Warlock Myfanawy Duskwyld), Brittney (playing the Bunnykin, March), Nicole (the Howling Worgen, Gadrial Daygoraruru) and Golda (Playing the Cleric of Nike, Guandis 'Guan'). 

'Who Shanks who!'
'I got my Natural 20 tonight!'
'Clearly the Bunny and the doggie are clearly together!'
'I am laughing so hard!!!Oh!'
'The killingest Animals there are!'
'That's not What I Expected...'
'I hate to be that kind of girl, but..
'I feel so Dirty now!'
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