Circus Chimera Episode FOUR: Laughter and lusty looks!

March 27th, 2018


Join the vengeance seeking members of Circus Chimera! A real play D&D RPG podcast and social revolution

Our Cast: Violate(Evie) the half orc, Ray(Jocelyne)  the half elf bard, Melvin (Jaaz) the Gnome illusionist, Blain (Cody) the half orc cleric of knowledge and Mam'selle Dangerous (Kellie) the dagger juggling Rogue.

Enjoy our silly Drunken Knights of adventure…

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We learn more about Ray!

‘I’ll take it the full minute.’

‘All my Raven glory…’

‘…a little more saucy’

‘We have a lute off’

‘You should come visit me later…in elvish’

‘This is my special someone…of the moment’

‘We have a week to turn this town around!’

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