Circus Chimera Episode three: The Circus has come to town!

March 21st, 2018

Join the vengeance seeking members of Circus Chimera! A real play D&D RPG podcast and social revolution
Our Cast: Violate(Evie) the half orc, Ray(Jocelyne)  the half elf bard, Melvin (Jaaz) the Gnome illusionist, Blain (Cody) the half orc cleric of knowledge and Mam'selle Dangerous the dagger juggling Rogue.
Enjoy our silly Drunken Knights of adventure…
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Singing…knife juggling…the Circus Chimera is in Wintersgrasp!
We start with Kellie giving Cody a synapsis of out first session…
‘that’s right were half elves…and were very graceful…’
‘The Bard just quivered!’
‘The words seem to be magically appearing before her.’
‘….as soon as you start singing her eyes open up.’
‘…Right…Dire kittens!’
‘…We like edition 4…’
‘They’re going down…down town.’
‘Her name is… Seri’
‘I’ll do a bicep curl with him.’
‘We’ve got to do right by the people!’
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