Thursday Jan 11, 2024

Iron Kingdom Outlaws episode 19

"You Dropped your Dolly!"

Sadly, Boomhowler got tied up at the docks and couldn't join the Forsaken this session!
After the wrap up I have the audio of the group leveling up!

Iron Kingdoms: Requiem combines this fantastic setting with the newest edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game.

Inside this book, players will find the history of the Iron Kingdoms and information describing the current state of the world following the Claiming. Alongside these chapters is an extensive gazetteer providing detailed information on the most notable of the world’s unique and fascinating locations.

When making a character, players will be able to choose from many of the familiar countries and cultures of the setting.

Whether a player wants to be a human, gobber, trollkin, Rhulic dwarf, ogrun, Iosan, or Nyss elf, this book provides all the rules that make these different peoples unique.

When choosing a class, there are options many players are already familiar with, from the stalwart man-at-arms fighter to the free-flowing monk of the Order of the Fist.

Beyond these are brand-new rules for playing the characters that make the Iron Kingdoms such a memorable setting. These new classes include, among others, gun mages, arcane mechaniks, combat alchemists, and warcasters. Alongside these options are new feats, spells, and backgrounds to make characters feel even more a part of the world of the Iron Kingdoms.

Our crew: Mia Brekker (aka Mia Valerianovna) (Played by Alexia), the Iosan (Elf) Kayazt (Modster) Warcaster (a very steampunk like magic tech caster and controller oof a warjack names "Gunny"); Callis Reyvas (Played by David), the Iosan (Elf) Kayazt (Modster) Gunfighter; Theodosia "Theo" Devereaux (Played by Kellie), the Cygnaran (Human) Aristocrat Alchemist (with a habit of blowing everything up ;)); and Gargosh Boomhowler (Played by Christopher) our Northkin Trollkin (Big Blue Scottish Troll) Pirate Bard (Or Fell Caaller as the Trolls call their warrior skalds). these guys will be the core of the Iron Kingdom Outlaws...or as they are called on the streets of Five Fingers: "The Forsaken".

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