The Lady Knights of Adventure: episode Fifteen Truth Is the way of The Crystal Whisper!

February 28th, 2017

Join us with our Second group hailing for Tucson Games and Gadgets Ladies Night! The Lady Knights of Adventures, join myself Kellie (Playing the Bard, Kaelyndris Songsmith), Jocelyn (Playing the dusky Warlock Myfanawy Duskwyld), Brittney (playing the Bunnykin, March), Nicole (the Howling Worgen, Gadrial Daygoraruru) and Golda (Playing the Cleric of Nike, Guandis 'Guan'). 
"I'm not going back to Prison!"
"The True Master is dead..."
"Hey, We DIDN'T Do IT!"
"We just want to save ourselves, and these children..."
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