The Lady Knights of Adventure: episode One, Zag and Ox

May 3rd, 2016

Join us with our Second group hailing for tucson Games and Gadgets Ladies Night! The Lady Knights of Adventures, join myself Kellie (Playing the Bard, Kellyndris Songsmith), Jocelyn (Playing the dusky Warlock Myfanawy Duskwyld), Brittney (playing the Bunnykin, March), Nicole (the Howling Worgen, Gadrial Daygoraruru) and Golda (Playing the Cleric of Nike, Guandis 'Guan'). 

This after noon out normal DND will be published we just wanted to treat you first to the Ladies! If your interested in listening to our Session 0 two part episode, pleas go to

"I love you so much right now!"

"I wedge it so they just see the bag."

"It felt like they..."

"Take off his pants..."

"Touch me..."

"I like that answer!"


I hope you enjoy!

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